Blessed by the Best Barbershop
1769 S Main st | Akron, OH 44301 | (330) 352-2679

We are centrally located on Main street, in the Firestone community.

"Blessed by The Best Barbershop is the bridge that eliminates the gap in the community as Pastor Mason ensures the safety, the encouragement of spiritual and cognitive awareness, while demonstrating professionalism, skill and quality work performance."

Barbers Wanted. Please come in to apply

HAIRCUT - $12 - $25
Fade, Taper, Caesar, Princeton, Shadow, #1 against the grain brush cut, #2 with the grain designs + more!!

Without a razor - $7
With razor - $10

Stringent rub followed by cold towel, then vitamin E rub with application of shaving gel.

Luxury shave, hot towel then I'll wake up those glands with that old fashion aftershave burn.

HAIR DYE - $25 - $50
I provide $30 dye bundle: haircut, dye, wash, rinse.
Bring your own dye $5 off

FACIAL - $20+
Stimulate your sebaceous glands and exfoliation of dead skin is a must for revitalized healing to the face and forehead.

Get your glow back, while strengthening those cuticles below the surface of your skin. Pamper yourself with our deep cleaning facial scrubs, this is satisfaction guaranteed!

Police officers, Firemen, City officials and Senior citizens 63 and older! (haircut only)